ruin "half skull"
musicians like attila csihar of mayhem, sunn O))) and jochen arbeit of einstürzende neubauten have contributed to ruin's deconstructed pieces. their latest album "half skull" was recorded with the solistenensenmble kaleidoskop, and the album's artwork deserves a particular mention: the cd's paper box also contains a physical representation of each of the 12 tracks on a square of paper covered with a thick sediment of different materials like vodka, bone meal, blood, ashes, fat and so on. a black mix of all adorns the cover.
"it's obvious to think of an artist's music as sculptural, but the tones here palpably scythe the air, and the piece progresses by fluctuations in noise rather than harmonic or melodic development, which seems painterly. it's part of a line of contemporary art music that integrates the digital and the analogue in a harmonious way instead of exploiting the artificiality of the former and the "warmth"of the latter; that distinction is no longer novel, useful or even necessarily true. the piece is a fairly effective rarity soundtrack, coloring the moment with a reflective melancholy and subtle notes of darkness."
michael azerrad, 2011

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the circle

osoizarg orgella

satan comes, satan leaves


help me

blck phlgm

gekämmtes haar, appolonia


landscape with gallows



the burning